Mobile Development

Appeonix Creative Lab is very well aware of the craze for smartphones that has literally swept many off their feet. Not only this, it has become the latest marketing platform that has given an impetus to internet marketing on the whole. This is why we have risen to the situation by offering unique mobile application development services to our respective clients. In this respect mention has to be made about our services that cater to iOS, Windows and android phones exclusively.

A special note

With a massively talented team of designers, developers and programmers we have successfully developed something called App Galaxy. This is an application that we use to safe keep various applications and also constantly add new apps to it. It is very much like Google Play which can be easily accessed to download or even purchase apps. This has only helped many of clients boost their businesses in various ways.

Additionally we developed a few games which are quite entertaining and addictive at the same time. The interface of these apps is extremely user friendly and very interactive which makes it really desirable.

Why get into mobile apps?

The question is why would an organization need to get into developing mobile based applications? Here are a few reasons that vouch for it:

Why Appeonix Creative Lab and its Mobile App Development?

There are many factors that go in our favor, like:

What is on offer?

iPhone Application Development and iPad App Development

We have a dedicated team of experts for these apps who know how to take up challenges. They know how to design and develop highly scalable mobile applications for iOS. They are well aware of iOS SDK, recent most features of iOS, X code and UI kit framework. In addition to this we have customized some apps for most of the domains that have been appreciated in the past.

Android App Development and Windows Mobile Application Development

We excel in catering to all platforms and domains as available under the sun! Our developers are very well familiar with android devices. As for Windows devices, knowledge of SQL servers for mobile edition, .NET compact framework and visual studio IDE or integrated development environment are a few of the many things that are taken into consideration for designing and developments these apps.