Use the Benefits of Email Marketing in E-commerce

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Use the Benefits of Email Marketing in E-commerce

March 18 , 2021

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Use the Benefits of Email Marketing in E-commerce


Encourage active customers


Track what active customers purchase to establish their areas of interest. Once established, tailor email marketing to better cater for those interests. Offer discounts and other incentives to specific groups of customers rather than offer a 'one promotion fits all' type of approach.


Encourage inactive customers


Monitor your customers to establish who is and who isn't making purchases. Using most email marketing technologies you can establish who has and who hasn't opened an email. Send emails offering inactive visitors incentives to visit your site - a gift coupon or some type of credit. Monitor results to see what is successful and what isn't.


Be seasonal


It is fairly obvious once stated, but keeping email marketing seasonal is very often overlooked. Easter, Christmas and other holidays and special days (Valentine's Day, etc.) offer fantastic opportunities to focus email marketing and make it more successful. Keep track of all such opportunities - make sure at the beginning of the year you add them to your calendar with enough notification for you to prepare for them.


Give credit and make spending it time bound


Send your customers a 300-400 Baht discount coupon which has to be utilized within a certain time frame - 24 or 48 hours. Again, national holidays and special days can be a good reason to send customers such gifts.


Use confirmation emails to encourage sales


Everyone who pays for something online expects an email confirmation of a sale. This is a great opportunity to sell something related to the product bought. If you customer buys a mobile phone through your service, ensure that the email confirmation offers that customer a case for the mobile phone they have bought at 5% discount.


Reward customers on your birthday


Your company is 10 years old - send an email to customers with the code "10yearsold" - when they make a purchase using this code they receive an 10% discount. Who can say fairer than that?


Reward customers on their birthdays


If you have enough software and information, award customers on their birthdays with a quick email offering a discount on products that might interest them.



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