Next Generation Real Life Mobile Games

Next Generation Real Life Mobile Games

March 2, 2016

We wonder how will be the next generation mobile games, just imagine you are in between a gang of goons. Shoots, explosions, gun shots every where, but here comes your buddy for your rescue that too in a helicopter. You can experience all these in real life in a desktop or mobile game with the help of augmented reality and 3D.

Here we introduce you some terrific multiplayer games witha real life experience. You can convert your smart phone/pc to a game console by connecting a Inceptor.

The Master Brains
Father IO is the world's first real-life, massive multiplayer, first person shooter.Experience the adrenaline, tactics and strategies of gaming in your everyday life. Combining real time geo-localized strategy & first person shooter battles, Father.IO brings a virtual world into your backyard.

3D Mobile Games

Picture: inceptor connected to a smart phone

Real battle is here, watch the demo


Claim new territories for your faction and expand Areas as you level up. Claim resources by interacting with over 12,000,000 real-world locations. Utilize schools, businesses, grocery stores, parks, banks, retail stores and more! Steal resources from enemies to strengthen your faction. Use resources to purchase weapons, ammo and gadgets, or to invest in Area infrastructures. You can even build virtual structures!
Real world buildings have an impact on the gameplay. Control an Area with a university to give yourself a research boost. A pharmacy or hospital in your Area results in faster recuperation. Claim an Area with a bank to securely store resources. 

Next Generation Mobile Games-Appeonix-Creative-Lab

Right Now: Our full app is still in development. In the meantime, you can download the Father.IO Tactical Map BETA prototype.
Download BETA by clicking here
iOS limits BETA downloads to 2,000 users. To request iOS access, click here and add your information to the sign-up form. If there is a spot available, we will be in touch with iOS Father.IO Tactical Map BETA download instructions.