New Project Delivery Trans Oceanic Intelligence Solutions, Canada

New Project Delivery Trans Oceanic Intelligence Solutions, Canada

June 9, 2015

TOIS an intelligence solution company with it's head quarters at Vancouver,  Canada.  TOIS requirement demands it to be a website with some animation in its home page rather than being a video. They just do not need the video since they have some customers in India where the video can't play in PDA devices becuase of slow internet connections. Then the challenge was to find an alternative, GIF was a solution but as they need a big slider, GIF's size and resposivity matters there. 

That's how SVG came to our mind. Initially, the client was unaware about the technology and that became another challenge to convince TOIS Team. And we had to  develop a Demo for the client, which my team finished off within a day. Client got pleased and showed the green flag. We back to our desk as artists with a pencil, eraser and canvas to build up a theme. Finally, we got up with a theme and hurry to the client with the sketch. TOIS doesn't had a second thought to give the confirmation.



Our developers build an amazing animation using Scalable Vector Graphics which was mind blowing. The theme was so simple that two animated aero planes were making it's service connecting Canada and India, which indicates TOIS have services across the world specially in Canada and India. And we also made some datas on the maps where visitors can click. On click, the cities will pop up with the respective services in each cities. The client was really happy and we were able to impress TOIS customers and partners also who are regular visitors of TOIS website.

Mr. Rao, Mr. D'Souza and Mr. Kuo redirected many projects to Appeonix Creative Lab believing in our Ability, Punctuality, Strength, and Technical knowledge. We are really happy to serve 10+ clients from Canda itself which we got through TOIS and I would like to convey my heart most Thanks & Gratitude to TOIS Team specially to Mr D'Souza and Mr. Rao.

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Dhillu David

CEO, Appeonix Creative Lab.