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18 November
Augmented Reality Application By, Appeonix

Augmented Reality 3D is a technology that takes the world around you and adds virtual content on top such that it looks like its actually there in the real world.

What is Augeye? 

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Augeye is an augmented reality 3D mobile app 

Appeonix Creative Lab is an IT solutions company and they are the brains behind Augeye.

No one can predict the future but the reality is that AUGEYE is consumer ready RIGHT NOW. We put people at the heart of the experience and determine how AUGEYE makes their lives simpler. Now plan you living room furnishing sitting at home , try a new haircut without visiting.

How does it work?

  1. The Augeye is super-carefully crafted so that they can analyze atleast 30 images every second thus proving you a rich 3D experience, Animated 3D objects can also be inserted.

  2. Augeye provides the facility to download & load 3D images from any site into our app unlike other apps. User Friendly as you can easily load objects into the 3D app as Zip files. Format files required would be obj, mtl and texture and the sound images would be jpeg and png.

  3. Face no complications of compatibility issues since the user face is compatible with any desktop operating systems like Apple IOS, Google Android, BlackBerry OS, Microsoft windows Phone etc.

Pictures clicked using Augeye

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