Alternative browsers that are worth a try

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Alternative browsers that are worth a try

March 18 , 2021


Alternative browsers that are worth a try

I love to try something new and interesting. The world is full of alternatives to popular and familiar things.

Today we talk about alternative browsers, which is comfortable and pleasant. It turns around full of good and secure browsers, besides Chrome and others like him.

Alternative browsers

In the article there is an only my personal opinion, so the decision about the choice rests solely on your let's consider the analogy Google Chrome.

Lyrical digression

Have you ever thought about something far? About something so that you can not even imagine? About something that sits deep in your head and makes tremble at the thought of it. Another crazy idea, which even ashamed to tell someone.

For example, have you ever could imagine that in addition to Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer, there are other browsers? Browsers are not like the others. Browsers outcasts. About them, no one knows, nobody likes them, but they are.

They live in a wonderful world. The world of magic and sorcery, in which all are equal. In a world where peace and quiet above the low-lying purposes be cross-platform. There's no envy and anger and even-minded IE - will feel comfortable and serene.

On this magnificent world and I want to tell you today.

The magnificent world of the unknown browsers


Safe and comfortable. It has in its arsenal blocker that helps protect you from spyware, viruses and other Internet threats. In addition, it supports all modern web technologies, has more than 1,400 plug-ins to extend the functionality and the number of filters to block unwanted resource - its interface is easily customized and adapted to the specific user.

Alternative browsers maxthon

In addition, among other things, it has: a high quality sync with Android devices, reading mode with adjustable font size and removing distracting elements, cloud services for easy access to files, passwords, bookmarks from any device. It is perfect both for parents who want to protect the child from irrelevant information, and professional developers seeking to maximize the browser to adapt for themselves.It runs on Windows, Android and iOS.

Not by chance a story about alternative browsers started it with him. During the week, I plan to pervesti him all their laptops / tablets.


Optimized analog of the Mozilla Firefox browser for Linux. Support for the majority of plug-ins designed for Firefox browser makes it easy to expand functionality, but faster in performance than the original.

Alternative browsers Swiftfox

Completely free, open source. This browser will suit all fans of Firefox, suffering from its low speed.


It is said that this is a very popular item in Japan. But in Russia about it, little is known. Probably due to the fact that the list of countries, you can choose anything you like, even Pakistan, but not Russia.

Alternative browsers Sleipnir

With various plugins and settings, you can adapt to suit your needs Sleipnir, if you are, of course, are not afraid of English, well, or Pakistan. Although remotely, but for some reason, the browser interface reminded me of IE8.

He works as a running WebKit on Mac, and Windows, and according to developers - quite successfully.


At the time, it positioned itself as a weapon came to Earth from the future to destroy Google Chrome , while he was still a child. However, due to unforeseen circumstances I bent and took to drink. Now this piece of code, which supports the livelihoods of a handful of fanatics around the world.

Alternative browsers Stainless

On assurance of the same fanatics, he has some dubious advantages feature parallel sessions, for example. This means that you can go to the same site under different accounts, using different tabs. Good thing for trolling. It only works on the Mac.


As the developers say, the browser downloaded more than 20 million times. Still, they say, is a modern, fully customizable browser designed for comfortable work at home and work.

Alternative browsers Lunascape

In this case, developers are slightly mistaken. Calling this browser easy and simple language does not turn. Plus it, in it, for some reason, Maybe it was a temporary glitch, but still.

The only obvious advantage, in my opinion, which is at this browser is its engine.More precisely engines. This browser combines as many as 3 engine: Gecko,Trident and WebKit. It is perfect for testing cross-browser layout and only. Using them is not possible in principle, although people are different ...



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