Automation and Manual Testing Companies in Bangalore

Appeonix, professional web testing company in Bangalore has been associated with manual testing & automation testing for a very longtime and it provides you with all the services related to website automation testing. The company has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

We use testing tools for website performance measurement. We have a well trained team at our disposal; our team also specializes in web design so we could help you create a nice corporate website also. In fact we work really hard to turn your dream into a reality and we have worked with some of the biggest companies in India.

Automated Testing Companies in Bangalore India

High Flexibility: Our software programmers prefer to restrict the process of automated website testing in the program by utilizing selenium software. This actually facilitates a faster change to codes and eliminates any duplication. This flexibility permits our programmers to perform any tests efficiently.

Support for multiple language: Since we conduct an intense Selenium testing it becomes very easy to integrate Groovy, Python, Perl, Net and Java in to the development process.

Advantage of open source: Since we provide open source software our users are able to extend, modify and share the code which is available. This actually allows the programmers to preserve a lot of time.

Portability of the platform: The automated testing is nothing but a process that repeats again and again and it saves you a lot of money. The selenium testing tools for website is compatible with more than one platform.

Manual Testing UAT Companies in Bangalore

We put in a lot of care while undertaking manual testing and check the whole system. This will test the vulnerabilities of the website.

Our team conducts testing in four phases to see if all the aspects of the website are in perfect order.

Through our manual testing we are able to generate a detailed report with good recommendations so that you know how to protect your business website and keep it free from hackers all the time. We provide support round the clock.

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