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  • Introduction

    Augmented Reality 3D is a technology that takes the world around you and adds virtual content on top such that it looks like its actually there in the real world.

    Difference between augeye and the other apps !!

    While there are a number of different types of AR apps , Augeye use the most engaging and exciting forms to analyze camera images looking for pictures to bring to life giving the user a fluid rich 3D experience.

    While Augmented Reality may seem ultra-modern, the principles behind it are pretty simple to understand and work on.

    Here is a step by step procedure to learn about AR and how you can leverage this technique in your mobile application.

    For instance let's consider setting up the living room of your house, now you would require to throw in a lot of furniture and artifacts so here is what AUGEYE can do for you.

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  • How it works ?

    1. 1

      Choose your object

      Choose your required product/object from the catalogue.

    2. 2


      Augeye gives you the option of transforming the object on camera screen you can zoom in , zoom out, rotate and also have a 3D view of what you have chosen.

    3. 3

      Augmented Reality On / Off

      The augment can be turned off while you are deciding where to place your object so that the moving images don't distract you.

    4. 4

      Add More Objects

      Have the provision of placing the object where ever you want to in the living room so that you get to actually visualise how a particular couch or a flower vase would look in you living room, Not just that you could even add objects or remove existing ones.

    5. 5

      Place it

      After placing all the objects at the required places you could finally not just decide on what to purchase but also get a first-hand impression of how your living room would look like post furnishing.

    6. 6


      You could also capture these images and view them in your very own phone memory under the option AUGEYE FOLDER.

  • Features

    1. Augmeted Reality

      The Augeye is super-carefully crafted so that they can analyze atleast 30 images every second thus proving you a rich 3D experience, Animated 3D objects can also be inserted.

    2. Import Your 3D Objects

      Augeye provides the facility to download & load 3D images from any site into our app unlike other apps.

      User Friendly as you can easily load objects into the 3D app as Zip files. Format files required would be obj, mtl and texture and the sound images would be jpeg and png.

    3. Capture Photo & Save

      Face no complications of compatibility issues since the user face is compatible with any desktop operating systems like Apple IOS, Google Android, BlackBerry OS, Microsoft windows Phone etc...

  • Developers

    Appeonix Creative Lab is an IT solutions company and they are the brains behind Augeye.

    No one can predict the future but the reality is that AUGEYE is consumer ready RIGHT NOW. We put people at the heart of the experience and determine how AUGEYE makes their lives simpler. Now plan you living room furnishing sitting at home , try a new haircut without visiting.

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